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Our company - Infoartnet Kft

Our past means reliability, flexibility, endurance, but mainly we are proud of our development process, because that's what highlight an IT company from the rest.

We believe,

that we create and develop products, which are complete and those who use our products is not attracked by the marketing text, but also saw the possibility in our products. Development has become a common practice, because our long-term partners count on us.

We perform nowadays marketing and comprehensive IT services to governments, academic institutions, SMEs, larger companies and even consulting and development partners.

MOB, University of Széchenyi István - GYŐR, LEIER, College of Kecskeméti, ALTmob, Győr-Municipality, Rábalux, Piktor, College of Szolnok, HVG-ORAC, IBM these are just few companies who worked with us and we are proud of them.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to prove the system itself, or someone else comment on it. This was one of the reasons for the development of SEOseeker ( web analytics system that we can measure ourselves with the competitors on the basis of objective criteria. IBM also recognized our portalsystem, as well as the 100,000 users who use the system every day.
What we value their views and develop these systems along every day.

We value their views and develop these systems along every day.