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Some thought about the AWE Pyramid CMS system

What does "AWE Pyramid CMS" mean?

One, developed by Infoartnet Ltd., Easy to use, written in the programming language PHP content management system.

  • AWE - The "InfoArt Web Engine" kiemelt karaktereiből alkotott mozaikszó.
  • Pyramid - Fantasy name of the software version 3.x.
  • CMS -The "Content Management System" (Content Management System) acronym formed by special characters.

Based on the structure of the previous version of the program the Infoartnet Ltd. developed this while taking into account the higher safety requirements and portals which can be built into each other.

The 3 "Pyramid" was the complete version of the portal rewritten core engine, it does not contain open source portal engine codes.

Due to the easy program use and to the secure background, any administrator can easily maintain their website.

The version can be a good choice for simple websites, but the main target area is the larger-traffic, commercial, institutional, social networking.

The advantages of the system:

  • Maintenance a simple administrative interface for the website, so that from the advanced programmer to the everyday webmaster, anyone can easily learn how to use the system.
  • Flexible use of the web graphics and templates.
  • Easy to add both content and images, and other media files (audio,video).
  • Centralized administrative functions that are nested at several websites (multi-site) also provides ease of use.
  • Individually adjustable entitlement system.

What can you do in the AWE Pyramid CMS?

The program is used for different types of websites, such as:

  • News websites, portals, portal systems,
  • Commercial websites
  • Intranet / Extranet,
  • Social websites,
  • Webshop system,
  • Complex institutional arrangements

The program covers the following areas:

  • Update news portal type web pages, articles and images..
  • Create dynamic menus.
  • Upload documents to be published.
  • Handling banners and Ads
  • Ballot papers, preparing forms.
  • Manage collections of links
  • Flash-based movies, "jpg", "gif," "bmp" and management "png" format images in the content.
  • News Feeds (RSS) management and browsing news from other websites.
  • Manage contacts and correspondence.
  • Managing users and access levels.
  • Using other built-in extensions (eg .: Webshop, Advertising Manager, Recruitment system, etc.).

The main advantages of the new features and versions 3.x

  • The design of user interfaces rethinking and streamlining user-friendly, ergonomic environment resulted.
  • Almost unlimited, multi-level categories and tag management. In contrast to version 2.x 2 levels, in here unlimited subcategories can be created.
  • Expanded use of language. Both the user interface and active content can be translated into any languages. (The 2.x versions of the user interface was multilingual.)
  • It is easier to maintain by providing all multisite uniform. Simple update procedure (backward compatibility).
  • SEF, URL using multi-site environments. Unique opportunity SEF URLs created.
  • Intelligent collection of management, group and mass executions handling operations, built-in mentors function.
  • New, user-friendly interface, media, online editing capabilities.
  • Improved version control in respect of the content. All content can be followed and restored.
  • The notification and task management interface helps the administrator's work.
  • Trash separated from the content. Automatic archiving content.
  • More transparent lock management
  • One-time entry for multiple integrated systems (Single Sign On - SSO, Shibboleth support, LDAP, AD).
  • More practical license and rights management system.
  • Data processing speed is much more favorable. Load sharing possibilities (Load Balancing).
  • Drag and drop form creation (online list-making, file, type, and pre-filled fields, condition management)..
  • New, more practical webshop system.
  • Protected mode for downloading files and for sharing them.
  • Controlled Persons Databaseand phonebook management.
  • Modernized gallery management and order adjustment.
  • Practical Newsletter spending system, multi-level mail system.
  • A number of new components, both specific and general needs license.

Multiple users and administrators can manage the content of the AWE-based websites. Knowledge is not necessary (but recommended) in the HTML of the website update as WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") type of text editor, format the text, like Word, or you can insert pictures. Just save the typed text, and then publish it, and the website is already available to be viewed by anyone.